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Facebook is likely the most recognizable platform,

with over a billion active monthly users, so creating

a business page should be one of your first steps

into the world of social media. Facebook is an

ideal place to share quick updates, spread the word about

promotions currently running, and post photos of products

you’re offering or work you have done. Your unique page

also provides a place for potential clients to contact you, ask

questions, share your photos and posts with their friends,

and provide feedback in the form of likes and comments.

Pinterest, while a newer site, has rapidly gained

a faithful audience. Dedicated entirely to sharing

eye-catching photos, this site allows you to showcase

your products or services and showtheir applications.

OnPinterest, photos canbe sharedandgoviral quickly, providing

the perfect atmosphere for your work or product to catch the

attention of potential customers.

Twitter can be used to quickly share short updates,

promotions and project photos. This micro-blogging

site lets you release an update in 140 characters,

allowing brevity to inspire creativity.

YouTube, a video-based site, is a great place to post

behind-the-scenes looks at your business, how-to

videos for your products, or a promotional deal to

attract business. Be sure to set your videos to “Public” so

others can view them easily.

Most social media sites are free to use and only require the

time you are willing to put into keeping them active. Why not

get started on making an impression online and experience

some of the positive results it can bring?