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Matt A.



Cheil Worldwide Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What are your short- and long-term plans for ensuring your future success?

In the short term, I look to turn this agency’s growth in a positive [direction, achieving] higher top-line

margins and discipline capabilities, not only focusing on just traditional communications strategies, but

looking at things like shopper marketing and extending what we’ve already developed in the digital space as

well. [I’d also like to] move us to a larger operation in terms of real estate. Beyond that, [we’re aiming for]

general growth and diversifying our portfolio, bringing in additional clients from other categories. I hope to

oversee a full region, not just a country.

Which is most important to your organization — mission, core values or vision, and why?

We are trying to be [named] agency of the year within the next two years, but on the same token it’s not

just a two-year thing — we want to be great and sustain greatness, and that means being a full-service,

multidisciplinary agency that partners with clients versus just [being] purely a supplier for our clients.

What is your personal definition of success?

My number-one motivator is hiring great people and then building loyalty [among them], making sure that

I set the right cultural space for them to thrive in and for their careers to grow, for them to be part of something

that is bigger than just a single person — creating an environment that is sustainable. I want to build loyalty, not

just [on] what you can gain financially, because I think that’s very myopic and short-lived. This environment that

I’m trying to create is about everybody who’s in it and who’s going to join us in the future.



n 2011, Cheil Worldwide expanded beyond the offices

of partial owner Samsung to become a global marketing

communications network. Rather than transform itself

overnight however, the company set benchmarks for gradual,

organic growth. Now, “the house that Samsung built,” as one

article called it, has become a full-service,

multidisciplinary agency with a currency of innovative ideas that

move brands, products and people across multiple industries,

countries and cultures. And speaking of people, the key to the

company’s successful reinvention is in fact as simple as putting

the right individuals in the right places.

Named president of Cheil Worldwide Canada in October

2011, Matt Cammaert previously served as vice president and

director of client services and new business at Euro RSCG

Worldwide before it was rebranded as Havas Worldwide. Much

like Cheil’s, his is a story of strategic growth begun in familiar

territory and later extended outward. Originally an aspiring

politician with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the

University of Western Ontario, Matt landed his first advertising

job in 2000, becoming account coordinator for his father-in-

law’s firm, Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG. It wasn’t until five

years later that he broke off on his own, taking the position of

marketing manager and planner at TD Canada Trust. From

there, he built upon his skill set, added names to his rolodex and

ultimately established himself as an industry leader, so when he

finally returned to his father-in-law’s company years later, it was

so that he could help them, not the other way around.

Hired by Cheil while only 35 years old, Matt remains the

youngest president in the company’s global network of 57

interconnected offices. And while Cheil Worldwide Canada

experienced 150 percent growth within one year of his

arrival, Matt’s work is far from finished.