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Founder, Chief Executive Officer

BSP Designs, LLC

Davie, FL



he customer is always right … unless of course he isn’t. The

digital marketing client pool is replete with good-intentioned

professionals who have many a lofty idea about how to bring

businesses into the new age of corporate branding. Unfortunately, not so

many of these ideas are actually good for business. Oftentimes, it takes

an honest, experienced e-marketing specialist like Bryan Persad to help

customers see the bigger picture.

A graduate of The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a bachelor’s

degree in interactive media design, Bryan cut his teeth as an email marketing

professional with the SystemaxTechnology Group, which houses leading

electronic retailers such as TigerDirect and CompUSA. Apprenticing under

business owners, supervisors and creative directors, he expanded upon his

existing knowledge of graphic andWeb design, learning the ins and outs of

corporate branding, search engine optimization and social media marketing

while also mastering the worlds of HTML, CSS, mobile design, mobile

marketing, WordPress and other interactive disciplines.

In 2003, Bryan became an entrepreneur with the launch of BSP

Designs, LLC. In addition to the aforementioned specialties, his

company offers a range of printing solutions as well as website hosting

and maintenance, all with the same degree of quality and customer

care. Indeed, Bryan’s determination to provide effective services is

matched only by his passion and commitment to improving his clients’

businesses. It is this customer-oriented approach, along with innovative

ideas and a culture of honesty and integrity, that sets BSP Designs apart

from the competition, giving them the potential to transform their small,

Florida-based business into an international enterprise.

Bryan is also currently working for BrandsMart USA as their temporary

email marketing manager, having gone back to work for a supervisor from

whom he learned a lot over the years. With his passion for service and

helping businesses succeed, he has made the ultimate decision to assist

his former supervisor in shaping this billion-dollar retailer into an online

behemoth with an integrated promotional marketing plan.

What inspired you to launch BSP Designs?

My passion and love for the field. I’ve had that drive ever since I was probably 16 or 17. I knew basically

where I wanted to go at that age, [though] I didn’t really know where I’d end up. I thought I’d be a designer

working for somebody for the rest of my life, but as my career grew and the different people I met along the

way pushed me, I realized that my personality wasn’t really the one where I listen to everybody and agree with

everything they say.

How would you describe your work style? How do you think other professionals would describe you?

[I’m] dedicated, hardworking and driven, with a unique personality. I see a plan in my head and eventually will

put that on paper and work out the bullet points. Once I have a straightforward plan, I put everything in place.

Aside from professional development, have you set any personal goals for yourself?

My personal life is centered around my business. I’m part of a couple of nonprofit organizations, so I’m

taking a bigger role in those, doing a lot of their marketing, setting up their websites, and trying to get more

feedback and exposure from bigger corporate sponsors. Working in my field, I’ve made a lot of contacts

[with professionals who] are willing to help nonprofits.

What is your personal definition of success?

It’s always going to come back to my drive. My success is really written in my drive, my passion for what I

do, and how I go about it.