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What characteristics do you believe ever y leader should possess?

In order to be a successful leader, you need a combination of characteristics—flexibility, responsibility,

communicating effectively, and demonstrating courage, humility and patience. Willingness to learn new

things is also key to self-growth. No man is an island. Be a team player even if you are already a leader.


ince the inception of the film industry in the 1890s,

cinema has operated as a powerful vehicle for culture,

education, leisure and propaganda that encourages

conversation, critical thought and debate. Through moving

images, audio and narratives, audiences are cognitively

transported through time, places and life experiences to gain

new perspectives, inspiration and understanding. A great film

begins with a writer’s ideas, but it is also a collaborative effort

involving teams of directors, actors, cinematographers and

distributors. Although distribution often plays a supporting

role to production, the strategy behind it directly affects the

public’s impression of the film. Distribution involves moving

media from the production site to its point of exhibition,

such as a theater, as well as marketing to appropriate targets,

negotiating with exhibitors and encouraging the audience to

connect with the product.

United International Pictures (UIP), jointly owned by

Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures, has distributed

thousands of films, including more than 100 Academy Award

winners, such as “The Godfather,” to international audiences

around the world. As a sales manager, Ju-Li Tan plays a

critical role in the success of UIP’s film releases in Singapore,

such as “Transformers” and “Despicable Me.” With more

than a decade of business management experience, she

oversees the local company’s sales operations, including

contract negotiation, print logistics and box-office statistics.

Ms. Tan earned a degree in business management,

majoring in marketing, from the University of Bradford

before beginning her career in finance with electronics

manufacturer Kotobuki Electronics (National Panasonic). In

search of greater exposure and opportunities, she took up a

junior film programming position with Shaw Organisation, a

leading cinema operator in Singapore. With almost five years

of film programming experience, she moved into sales with

her current employer, UIP. There, she gained another five

years of film distribution experience before being promoted

to regional sales analyst for Southeast Asia and later to the

position of sales manager. With almost 17 years of film

experience under her belt, Ms. Tan attributes her success

to a fantastic team of colleagues, a wonderful boss, and her

supportive family. Looking toward the future, she intends to

enroll in an MBA program and grow within the film industry.



Sales Manager

United International Pictures