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eckie Butcher published “My Battle with

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” to offer hope and

assistance to those suffering with the debilitating

autoimmune disease. In the book, which reached

No. 5 on the Amazon medical best-sellers list in

June 2012, she explores her intense journey with

the disease, from the first symptoms to the physical,

spiritual and emotional recovery that followed.

Attempting to reach an even wider audience, she

pitched her book to Hollywood producers and

has received positive feedback, with one company

requesting a copy for further consideration.

Although she takes pride in having written

something that has received such widespread

acclaim and exposure,Miss Butcher aims to help the

world in other ways. She received an Associate of

Applied Science in medical laboratory technology

and intends to utilize her thorough knowledge of

chronic fatigue syndrome to spread awareness by

giving presentations and speaking on local radio

shows. A multifaceted author, Miss Butcher wrote

a cookbook that was published in 2005 and is a

founder of a cooking group associated with her local

church. She has been recognized as a Top Female

Executive and VIP of the Year.



S. B




Elgin, IL


t various times in Betty Anderson’s life, it

seemed that just when she was looking

forward to a positive new beginning, something

interfered with her plans and forced her to set her

course anew. Each time, art was her safe haven, a

form of therapy to help her work through whatever

issues she faced and emerge stronger. In 2008,

after retiring from the accounting profession and

enduring a particularly traumatic experience, Ms.

Anderson decided to follow this passion that had

lain dormant just beneath the surface for much

of her life. A multitalented and self-taught artist,

she has painted landscapes, portraits and still life,

and her work also includes sculptures crafted from

hebel and soapstone. In addition to the various

pieces for sale on


she also does commissions, working from client-

provided photographs and adapting her style to

their requirements. Since deciding to create full

time, Ms. Anderson has received several accolades,

including fellowship in the Royal South Australia

Society of Arts and selection for the Archibald

Prize, which recognizes outstanding portraiture

done by Australasian artists. Visit her website to

purchase or inquire about offered pieces.







Oaklands Park, SA, Australia