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ynn Jaanz was drawn to the arts as a child,

discovering a natural gift for music, poetry and

composition before commencing on a successful career

as a professional singer and musical coach. She is a

master singing coach with the David Jaanz School of

Singing, emphasizing a teaching style called emotion-

centered singing, which reinforces solid technique

without detriment to the artist’s uniqueness. Utilizing

this approach, the school boasts a roster of magnificent

performers, including winners of the televised

competitions “The Voice” and “Australia’s Got Talent.”

Lynn’s life, however, wasn’t always so harmonious.

Bedridden for 20 years in chronic pain, she took up

painting and developed a passion that intensified

with every brushstroke. Using art as a form of

therapy, she found through the creative process that

she was able to alleviate stress, explore her inner self,

and rejuvenate her spirituality. Today, her artwork

is sold and exhibited internationally, appearing at

Ormond Hall, Smart Artz Gallery and the Pigment

Gallery, to name just a few. Her abstract pieces share

the rich story of her journey, full of emotion, color

and contrast depicting the tragedy and triumph of

the human condition. To view a sample of her work,






Master Singing Coach

David Jaanz School of Singing

Abstract Colorist

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


hen it comes to writing about the agriculture

and horticulture industry, few individuals

are as passionate or knowledgeable as Katie Fisher.

Growing up on a farm served as Katie’s initial exposure

to the industry, which inspired her to continue her

studies in a more formal setting. She attended the

University of Melbourne, where she focused on animal

husbandry and production and ultimately received a

Bachelor of Agricultural Science, with honors, in 1995.

Ms. Fisher wasted no time becoming acquainted with

her newfound career and quickly secured her place in

the publishing world. In this capacity, she served as

a coordinator of editorial teams, as well as an editor,

journalist, communications consultant and publisher

for various newspapers throughout Australia,

including The Weekly Times and Southern Farmer.

These experiences prepared her for her next venture,

which was to manage her own business. Since 2006,

AgriHort Communications has produced numerous

publications for a variety of clients, including Citrus

Australia and Turf Australia. As the owner, publisher,

managing editor and project manager of the company,

Katie wears many hats, her duties ranging from

handling communications and public relations to

overseeing graphic design and printing.





Managing Director

AgriHort Communications

Park Orchards, VIC, Australia