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he computer age is creating a huge

disconnection between people and their

environment. Silva Vaughn-Jones tries to visually

and emotionally reconnect the two while reminding

people that we share the planet so desperately

trying to survive what she calls “a war on wildlife

and a war on women and girls.” She has had

considerable training in graphic, industrial and fine

arts throughout her life, which provided the perfect

underpinning for photography, and her start at 17

of three years in the education department of the

London Zoo gave her a great foundation in zoology

and conservation.These two things have shaped her

life. From the remote islands of the Southern Ocean

and the deserts of Australia to Kruger National Park

in Africa, she has photographed rare and endangered

species. Says Silva, “Animals live complex and

interesting lives, have excellent communication

skills, and exhibit sophisticated cooperation within

and between species over resources. Why can’t we?

We cannot morally continue to harvest wildlife

for monetary gain. Why are domestic animals not

enough? Surely we can share this world. I don’t

want to look into the abyss and say I did nothing

to stop it.”








Silva Vaughan-Jones Photo Portfolio

Wauchope, NSW, Australia


or Martine van Santen, an internationally

renowned dancer, choreographer and instructor,

art allows her to express the essence of her existence

in this world. Although she has inspired countless

audiences on stages around the world, she felt a

desire to give back through her artistry, experience

the emotion that comes with dancing for a cause, and

help others find their voices through movement. She

enrolled in a master’s program at the Utrecht School

of the Arts while teaching dance at Transvaal College

and completing an apprenticeship with Young in

Prison. Little did she know that working with these

groups in tandem would provide her with the insight

and experience to establish Dance in Art, a center for

dance, art education and performance training. Ms.

van Santen encourages her performers to research

various modes of art to actualize their full potential

and find their artistic points of view. She developed

this learning model while working on her master

thesis, which focused on dance expression and art

methodologies for young offenders and young adults

with severe psychiatric disorders. Applying what she

learned through her research, Martine has helped

dancers from various backgrounds find their unique

styles and develop their personal abilities.







Artistic and Business Director

Dance in Art

Haarlem, Netherlands