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red Williams made his acting debut in his

primary school’s annual Nativity play. Cast

as first shepherd, he was dismayed to find he was

not in the lead role, but his time came at age 17,

when he played Danny in “Night Must Fall” for a

local theater before touring through England with

The Taverners, a not-for-profit company dubbed

the “Shakespearean strolling players.” As a young

actor, Fred began scripting plays, one of which was

awarded Best Original Play at the One Act Festival

in London. During the production of his first full-

length play, another cast member suggested he try

his hand at copywriting, commencing an 11-year

career in advertising during which he earned more

than 30 awards for ingenuity in print and television


Even with commercial success, Fred did not give

up his passion and instead co-founded the Cork

Theatre Company before migrating to the U.S.

Settling in California, the land of the big screen, he

taught radio technique to aspiring DJs and wrote

for several theaters, earning him two Best Director

recognitions at the Shellie Awards. Now in his

early 80s, Fred aspires to pen his autobiography

before someone else writes his story.







Theater Director, Playwright, Screenwriter

County Cavan, Ireland



K. W


Music Director, Chief Conductor

Royal Melbourne Philharmonic

Carlton, VIC, Australia


conductor’s job is to shape a performance,

to breathe life into sheet music and train a

squadron of musicians with shared interpretations

and coordinated movements to think and react like

a single performer. Unlike the musicians who learn

parts, the conductor is expected to master the entire

score and set the tone of the piece by directing its

tempo and volume. Regarded as one of Australia’s

premier conductors and choral directors, Andrew

Wailes has earned a reputation for his commanding

presence and dynamic leadership behind the

podium. He has toured internationally, leading

orchestras, opera companies and choirs at the

most prestigious venues and mentoring emergent

talent. A professionally trained singer, Mr. Wailes

assumed the position of musical director and chief

conductor of the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic

Choir and Orchestra in 1998, making him one of

the youngest to hold the position. Moreover, he

was the third conductor to ever be granted lifetime

membership in the organization, which is one of

the oldest secular choirs in the world. Andrew is

also the director of the Melbourne University

Choral Society, the Chamber Strings of Melbourne

and The Australian Children’s Choir.