Pro-Files Eighth Edition

151 PRO-FILES MAGAZINE oo often does the fear of starting over hold people back from pursuing their career goals. Ellary A. Blair, who made the permanent jump into the world of crystalline and raku pottery after working in plant nurseries for 30 years, clearly does not possess that fear. Ms Blair, the owner of the online store Ellie Pots Inc., has enjoyed potting for over 40 years, but decided to make it her career during her senior year at The University of Kansas, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in design in 2002. She was gifted a kiln, wheel and the chemicals for ceramic glaze after graduation and opened her own pottery studio, Blair Pottery, in 2003. Ellie Pots Inc. soon followed. Ellary’s approach to pottery is a distinctive one; her mixes feature multiple colors from the incorporation of various glazes, including a matte and a zinc-silica combination, and she applies them all to vases, bowls, tiles and plates. Her works range from the vivid to the earthy and all have caught the attention of numerous societies, including the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Worldwide Who’s Who, The American Ceramic Society, Strathmore Who's Who, and The Potters Council. They’re also displayed at the Abbey Lane Gallery in Colorado and The Phoenix Gallery in Kansas. When she isn’t hands deep in mud, Ellary attends crystalline pottery workshops around the world. She was personally invited to attend the workshops of world-renowned potters Ted Secombe and Jose Maria Mariscal in Australia and Spain in 2015 and 2016, respectively. She was also selected to participate in a workshop given by potter Bill Powell in Florida in 2014. During her travels, Ellary has picked up new methods of etching crystalline glazes with muriatic acid, lemon juice and vinegar, as well as an alcoholic reduction crystalline fire. In June 2016, Ellary, who was an Upcoming New Artist at the Lattice Structures Symposium in 2005 and a Selected Artist by the National Council on the Ceramic Arts Orton Cone Box Show in 2012, took her talents to Sao Paolo, Brazil, to conduct a seven-day crystalline workshop. For more information on her pottery, visit . Ellary A. Owner Ellie Pots Inc. Lawrence, KS