Pro-Files Eighth Edition

152 PRO-FILES MAGAZINE r. Cynthia Blodgett-Griffin lives by the motto “Teach the mind — inspire the soul” and has for over two decades as an adult educator. Her career in distance education began during her graduate assistantship while she pursued a Master of Arts in adult education, during which she organized teacher training conferences and wrote the curriculum for GED best teaching practices. In pre-web based education times, she organized and developed curricula for the first long-distance teacher training via satellite in Nebraska. She was recruited to design and conduct K-12 teacher training seminars for critical thinking in lesson design. Dr. Blodgett- Griffin learned firsthand the advantages and drawbacks of design and teaching in the technology’s early years. As web-based technology advanced, she worked for a grant- funded project as an instructional design specialist for the first web-based online high school in the United States. Currently Dr. Blodgett-Griffin is a distance education adjunct graduate course instructor, teaching at a prestigious university for over 13 years. As a seasoned online instructor, she supervises thesis students and sits on thesis Cynthia , Ph.D. Distance Education Graduate Course Instructor Blodgett Learning Systems Lincoln, NE committees. She enjoys teaching courses with instructional design informed by changing technological learning tools and emerging distance education learning theory. Her content expertise includes research methods and proposal development courses, foundations of distance education instructional design, gender studies, adult education and lifelong learning, collaboration and mentoring, tutoring and student support, and program evaluation. Dr. Blodgett-Griffin considers working with midlife professional adults to be the most rewarding part of her career. Her students bring the unique perspective of a lifetime of experiences to graduate study. She tries to show them that not knowing an answer isn’t failure, but that failure is when you stop looking for an answer. Dr. Blodgett-Griffin attributes her success to her advisors and mentors who supported her during her graduate school years. In turn, her desire is to help others reach their academic goals as she reached hers. In the near future, she would like to expand her expertise into providing professional development seminars for schools whose faculty are transitioning from face-to-face to online distance teaching.